Scott Hakl

  • commented on Contact Us 2018-08-27 13:01:27 -0700
    I have a suggestion for all CCTA events.

    Since the CCTA is not under USTA, ATP or WTA restrictions I suggest that a Fresno player plays an out of town player if possible in the first round. This prevents the problem of paying an entry fee to drive an hour to play someone that you play every week.

    For example, in the upcoming FCC Fresno State players would NOT be playing another Fresno State player first round.

  • commented on Tournaments 2017-05-23 13:30:08 -0700
    When will the last two tournament results be posted?

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  • commented on Home 2017-03-01 16:02:47 -0800
    How do I know if my membership has expired?